All of our Primary Business Tradelines Stay On Your Business Credit Report Forever, however we do report them as closed after 2 months.  There is no such thing as Business Tradelines being deleted from your Business Credit Report.  ** We Accept All Major Credit Cards! **Some Restrictions Apply**


 Business Tradeline Package  $1800

This package consists of 5 Business Tradeline Per Bureau $20K to $70K. You have the option to select all Financial Tradelines or Non-Financial Tradelines.  We cannot go higher than $70K with a new business because it will draw a red flag.  Also included in this package Financial Statements.




3 to 5 Years In Business $2800

Businesses 3 to 5 years in Business and has at least 2 Vendor Tradelines on the Business Credit Bureaus.  We will add our 8 Business Tradelines Per Bureau $75K to $90K a Mixture of Non-Financial, Financial, Business Tradelines.  


7 to 10 Years In Business $3500

Businesses from 7 to 10 years. We will add 12 Business Tradelines: Non-Financial, Business Services, Financial Statements will be added over the amount of funding you are trying to obtain.


We do have other Packages Available!  

Please be advise there are a total of 18 Business Credit Bureaus, however you can only select 3 out of the 18 if you want to add additional Business Credit Bureaus there will be an additional cost.